Ambachtsmark is an inner-city work location with office premises in Almere Haven along the central access road (Oosterdreef). Only the rear elevations of a number of business premises can be seen from Oosterdreef. Small and medium-sized enterprises carrying out small-scale industrial, craft, trade and service-based activities are represented here up to and including environmental category 2, with the majority being ICT companies. The site boasts fibre broadband internet. For other facilities, the area has to rely on the Almere Haven shopping centre which is within easy walking distance. The site of approx. 3.4 hectares net has an office-like feel, partly due to the large NCCW office. Roosenboom Kantoorautomatisering is also present here and there is a shared office building (Almere Business Centre) where a number of small businesses are based. The site is easily accessible and is approx. 5 minutes by car from the A6 (exit 4). The industrial site is also easily accessible by public transport and there are 2 bus stops where you can get a bus to Almere Haven, the 't Oor bus station and Almere CS.

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