Het Atelier

Het Atelier is an inner-city work location with office premises in Almere Stad Oost, opposite the Sallandsekant industrial site. A number of businesses are visible from Tussenring. Small and medium-sized enterprises carrying out small-scale industrial, craft, trade and service-based activities are represented here up to and including environmental category 2. There are also locations here designated for a combination of working and living where the living accommodation is secondary to the work facilities provided and must be integrated in the development. The site boasts fibre broadband internet and there is also a petrol station opposite which is set up for commercial vehicles with related facilities, including a truckwash and no-frills catering facility. The site is collectively secured by the Stichting Beveiliging Bedrijventerreinen Almere for the members of the SBBA. The industrial site of approx. 4 hectares net has a presentable appearance and striking architecture. There are a lot of shared business premises and a small-scale office complex with a gym at the entrance to the site. A mosque has its own spot at the tip of the site. The businesses which are already present here are mostly construction-related businesses and sport-, wellness- and personal care-related businesses such as Bouwkunst.com, Hollander Techniek, De Mix Fitness, Almere Marktonderzoek Advies and Aquayara Zwemschool. The site is easily accessible and is approx. 3 minutes by car from the A6 (exit 6). There is a bus stop a short distance away where you can get a bus to Almere CS.

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