Markerkant is situated close to the city centre in Almere Stad on both sides of Markerdreef and Spoordreef. So a lot of the locations on the site of approx. 29 hectares net can be seen from these roads. Markerkant is the first industrial site in Almere Stad with numerous craft and light industrial businesses up to environmental category 3 and peripheral retail trade. Markerkant boasts fibre broadband internet as well as 2 small eateries and obviously enjoys all the benefits offered by the range of facilities in the city centre which is within walking distance. The site is collectively secured by the Stichting Beveiliging Bedrijventerreinen Almere for the members of the SBBA. There used to be a lot of major brand dealerships here which have now mainly been replaced by smaller dealerships and workshops. There are also 2 large builders’ merchants and other types of peripheral retail trade. The industrial site is easily accessible from Almere Stad and is 8 minutes by car from the A6 via Hogering. The site is also easily accessible by public transport and there are 2 bus stops at the site from where it is a very short ride to Almere CS. It is even possible to walk to Almere CS from one part of the site.

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