Stads/Zakencentrum (City/Business Centre) & Stadshart

The Stadscentrum (City Centre) forms part of Almere Stad – the largest district – and development here is ongoing. The existing streets and squares of Stadshart are being renovated and directly north of and adjacent to Almere CS, work on a new office site/Zakencentrum (Business Centre) is in progress. This new Zakencentrum (Business Centre) will create a Stadscentrum (City Centre) which serves a combination of different functions (living, working, shopping and leisure activities). Here, there are striking office buildings, each with its own look and identity. The high office blocks of this Business Centre form the magnificent skyline of Almere. Examples of these include the buildings from the L’Hermitage office complex, the Eurotoren and Le Nouveau Jour. In addition, the Mandela Park built on top of the underground car park provides a wonderful green space. The Stads/Zakencentrum (City/Business Centre) boasts fibre broadband internet as well as a business point. Tenants already present in this area include USG People, Leaseplan and UWV.

Stadshart has an area of more than 100,000 m² comprising 78,000 m² of retail facilities, 24,000 m² of leisure and catering facilities, more than 800 residential units and an underground car park. It consists of an ‘underground world’ (parking and public transport) and an ‘upper world’ (shops, catering facilities, homes, a hotel, a library, a cinema and a theatre). Stadshart has already won a number of awards for its unique and creative construction and architecture. In Stadshart, almost every sector is represented by more than 400 shops and restaurants. The Stadscentrum (City Centre) is very easily accessible both by car (exit 3 or exit 6) and public transport. There is ample parking capacity and you can walk to Stadshart and the office site from Almere CS, with direct connections to Utrecht CS, Amsterdam CS and Schiphol.

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