Veluwsekant Oost

The Veluwsekant Oost industrial site is an extremely modern site in Almere Stad with planting which partially hides the businesses so that they cannot be seen from the A6. There are numerous workshops present at the site which were previously based at the Markerkant industrial site, as well as a petrol station/carwash and a garden centre. The site is collectively secured by the Stichting Beveiliging Bedrijventerreinen Almere for the members of the SBBA.

This site, when combined with Veluwsekant West, covers an area of approx. 39 hectares net, with Veluwsekant covering an area of 16 hectares net. Businesses already present here include Sligro, Office Centre, Viking Schaatsen, Husqvarna Gardena Nederland, Autoradam, Restaurant Het Gouden Huis and a lot of major brand car dealerships. The industrial site is easily accessible and is 2 minutes by car from the A6 motorway (exit 5). At the nearest bus stop which is a short distance away in the adjacent residential district, you can get a bus that will take you directly to Almere CS.

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